Daunted by the Prospect Of Leading Others?

Step into your next leadership role with confidence and empower your team to succeed

Talk to an experienced leader about how you can be at your best. Discover what’s really important to you

Talk to an experienced leader about how you can be at your best. Discover what’s really important to you

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Leading a team for the first time?

You’re great at what you do, now your success is measured by what others do

Have you recently stepped into a new role? Or maybe you’re just about to take the leap into leading others?

It can be daunting. You’re recognised as being great at whatever it is you do – after all, that’s why you’ve been promoted – but achieving through others is a different kettle of fish.

Your headspace may be filled with lots of questions:

  • “Do I have what it takes to be a great leader?”
  • “How will I establish credibility with my team and peers?”
  • “What’s needed to bring out the best in each team member?”
  • “How will I manage the volume of work?”
  • “What if I fail?”

I’m here to help you make the transition into the kind of leader you aspire to be.

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What People Are Saying

“My sessions with Shirley have been a private haven focused on me. Thanks to her, I have seen myself in a new light, centered around who I am rather than what I do and what the impact of that can be. I would recommend Shirley to any leaders asking themselves similar questions”

Nina Buckley | Managing Director at JML

“Shirley is a fantastic coach. She is inspiring, deeply curious, and provides me with real food for thought, great sign posts for resources and is a superb listener. I have had a great outcome as a result of her work. I can highly recommend her”

Sophie Bryan | Managing Director & Chief Workplace Culture Specialist at Ordinarily Different Ltd

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Confidential conversations about your leadership

Explore what makes you an effective leader and learn how to deal with your potential ‘derailers’

One of the toughest challenges, when you step into leadership for the first time, is that it can be hard to know where to go to for support.

Other team leaders and peers can seem so much more experienced. The team you once worked in may now be the team you manage. You want to make a good impression with your own manager and are hesitant to disclose areas of self-doubt.

Who can you talk to when you’re finding your way?

This is where our conversations come in. I offer a safe and confidential space for you to think through your priorities. I help you connect with what you enjoy doing, where your strengths lie and identify any potential ‘derailers’ that can take you off course.

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What People Are Saying

“Shirley has the skill of asking very searching questions which get to the heart of the matter and force you to re- examine what you are thinking. The hour I spend talking to her each month is focussed on me and as the owner of a demanding small business I find that is the only time I really think about what is important for me and how I can improve my approach and increase my wellbeing and happiness.”

Gill Gibbon | Director

“From the moment I met Shirley, she put me at ease. I immediately felt comfortable talking to her and have been able to talk to her about things that I simply haven’t been able to discuss with others. Our sessions have been thought provoking, sometimes challenging, but always useful and I feel that I have come a long way in my personal and professional development as a result”

Andrew Mozley | Manager

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Bring out the best in yourself and in others

The better you are, the more you bring out the best in your team

Who was your best ever leader?

If you’ve had the pleasure of working with an inspirational leader, I imagine they were someone who gave you time, who listened to you, believed in you and challenged you to excel.

I imagine they also recognised and understood different working styles and preferences within their team members, and could bring people together to harness the potential of the whole.

What kind of leader do you aspire to be? What impact do you want to have? How committed are you to being the best you can be?

Becoming the leader you’re capable of being requires intention and attention.

Together, we can discover how!

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